Our Final Payment Question

I’ll be putting my final payment on my Chase Disney credit card. It’s due November 7. My credit card statement closes on the 5th, but anything charged between the 5th and 7th at 8pm, gets added to the October statement. What’s the latest I can pay my final balance on the Disney website? Hoping I can wait until 9-10pm so that I can stretch that 6 months SAC out one more month. Thoughts?

I’m a bit confused by the initial statement. Your card statement either closes on the 5th or the 7th - so you need to determine which it is. The other question is HOW late can you pay WDW. I would either call or look on the site. Usually business have end of business day - so depending upon what they consider their “end of day” is would determine that.

The way I understand it is that his trip payment is due on Nov. 7. and his statement date is on the 5th. If the question is when is it due, it sounds to me like it’s due on November 7, but I would contact Disney (or your travel agent) just to make sure.

I completely forgot to make my final payment by the due date because I was out of town. Overnight I received a reminder email and it was not automatically charged to the card I had on file. The next day I called and made the payment (because I wanted to split on two cards which I could no longer do online). I didn’t have any issues at all.

So based on my (very limited) experience, it seems you could make your payment late on the night it is due.