Our Final Hoorah! Pre-Trip Report

41 days and counting!!

We are set for what we think will be our last family hoorah for a long time!
When: June 19th-25th
Where: WDW, POP Century
Cast of characters: Me(46), DH (45), DD(23), DD Fiance (26), DD (18) Also, My DBIL, DSIL and DN(12) will be staying off property but we have made some plans together.

We will be flying into MCO from PHL on 6/19. Our flight leaves at 5:30 AM and we will arrive at 8AM. I have purchased a van from Florida Town Car to take us to POP after a quick stop at Publix to stock up on water and snacks for the room.

Our plans:

Genie+ purchased. Base tickets, no hoppers. We do plan on purchasing 1 ILL per park.

6/19: Father’s Day! We will hang out around the pool at Pop and have a relaxing day. We have a ressie at Paradiso 37 for all 8 of us for dinner that evening at 5:30PM. Our goal, however, is to snag a lane at Splitsville and possibly eat there instead but reservations for this date are not open yet. We will tool around DS for the evening and head back to get some much needed rest to RD in the morning.

6/20: RD at MK! Breakfast at POP, Lunch at CHH and a 7:10PM dinner at Tony’s
6/21: EP, Breakfast at POP, Late lunch at 2:40PM Tepan Edo
6/22: RD HS, Breakfast at Pop, Dinner at 4:10PM Prime Time. (Crossing my fingers to snag Sci Fi, but not counting on it), Oga’s Cantina at 8:30PM
6/23: Lazy day today! Off to AK around 2:00PM. Breakfast and Lunch at POP, Dinner at 4:00-Y&Y
6/24: EP, Breakfast at Pop, We will be eating at all the food booths today for F&G. No dinner reservation because we want to try all the things! We also want to head back to Pop early, relax and turn in. We have an early flight in the AM.

Florida Town Car will pick us up bright & early at 2:45AM to head to MCO. We have a 5:30 flight home to PHL. I may/may not be doing a live TR. It depends on how much I am on my phone while we are there with Genie. We shall see!

~Heather :crossed_fingers:


Sounds like a fun trip!


Looks good, I’m sure you have done it, but make sure you have all those parks reserved for all 8 of you.


Thank you for the reminder. We have reserved but I can understand how it can easily get forgotten. Especially if you are someone that hasn’t been in a long time. So many changes!


:partying_face:I was able to get an Oga’s reservation for 6/22 at 8:30 PM. This is something that we literally want to stop in for maybe 15-20 minutes and get a quick drink just to see what it’s like. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


We will be there same time and same hotel! I’m not looking forward to the heat but it’s Disney!

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Us either!!! My oldest DD does not do well in the heat but she is a teacher and we can only go in the summer. She already has her neck fan and I plan on purchasing everyone some cooling towels.


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Hey There, Hi There!

We are down to the wire!

11 days!!!

We booked with Smart Park to park the car at the airport, I double checked with Florida Town Car to finalize our pick up, t-shirts are almost completed. Everything is coming along nicely!

Next will be the packing!



4 more days!!! I am super excited and so is the family! I plan on using BG1 on this trip to help with my anxiety about Genie+. I am super anxious about using this new system but hubby keeps trying to remind me that we need to just relax and enjoy our time. And I will be trying to do just that! I want to soak in every moment!

I will most likely not post again until we get back? Or maybe I will try a live report?? We shall see!

Disney! Here we come! :airplane:


Safe and happy travels! Looking forward to following along.

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Enjoy! Stay cool!

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