Our Family Trip Report

Just got back from Disney and decided to make a trip report to help relive and remember the amazing trip we had. We were at Disney from Sept 29 - Oct 8. We stayed at Disney All-Star Music and had 7 day park tickets.

Background: Family of 4 DH, DD9, DD7 and myself. We last went to Disney in 2019. My kids are pretty early risers but not use to staying up late. I planned to rope drop most mornings but only stay for evening shows at HS and MK.

Travel/Resort: Our flight got in to Orlando a little after midnight. Used Mears Connect and walked on a bus. Think we had 2 stops before we got to our resort around 1:00am. Went straight to our room at All-Star Music. We were in the Rock Inn. It was not near what I requested and a long walk but we were also able to take the sports bus with a similar distance to our room. For us the value resorts work great. We mainly use the room to sleep and don’t need much else. I love the table beds as its so nice to have a table for the kids to eat at.

Day 1: Animal Kingdom
We slept in and had breakfast at the food court. We made it to the bus stop by 10:30. My kids watched the behind the scenes animal kingdom shows so were really excited about Animal Kingdom. We began by picking up the Wilderness Explorer book then taking the Wilderness Express Train. We made it just in time for the 11:30 Animation Experience. After we checked out the rest of Rafiki’s Planet Watch and took the train back. Then we took the safari and walked the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. Then we tramatized the kids by taking them to It’s Tough to Be a Bug. I had prepared them for what happens but they both hated it! We ate a late lunch at Flame Tree Barbeque and got a seat by the water. We got to see some characters float by as we ate. My kids were more interested in the bird than eating. Then we watched the Feathered Friends in Flight bird show with a slushy as it was pretty hot. My daughter was very excited to go on Everest which would be her first bigger roller coaster. (She loved slinky and Mine train last visit but she was too short for anything else). We rider swapped since my son didn’t want to go. She loved it so went again with rider swap then got in line again with DH as there was no wait. We ended the day riding Kali River Rapids. We got soaked! My son loved it and with no line we rode it 3 times. It was a great first day with an actual crowd level of 2- basically no waits for what we did today. Back at the resort we grabbed some dinner and picked up my instacart order before getting to bed early.


Sounds like a great first day. Congratulations on the trip report, I always say I’m going to write one and don’t.


What a great AK day! KRR 3 times is awesome!

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Sounds like an amazing first day!!

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Day 2: Magic Kingdom
This was my first day doing virtual boarding groups and genie plus. I got Tron BG 19. We probably got there around 7:00 for a 7:30 opening. We weren’t at the front of rope drop but I had purchased a LL for Seven Dwarfs since I didn’t want to start there. We went to Peter Pan first, then It’s a small world, and a few rides on Dumbo. Our Tron boarding group was called so we rider swapped since DS wasn’t tall enough (not that he would have rode anyway) DH took him to barnstormer. DD loved Tron. Then it started raining. We put on rain coats and continued on! We met some Princesses, rode Winne the Pooh, Tea Cups, Peoplemover, Astro Orbiter, Buzz Lightyear, more princesses, the Carousel, and under the sea. With it being a party day, rainy, and genie+ we never waited in any lines. Then it was time for our LL for Mine Train. This was DSs first roller coaster besides barnstormer and he did not like it! We went to the speedway next as I knew he would like that. We ate lunch at Cosmic Rays and listened to Sonny. Then we rode Space Mountain with rider swap. We did Haunter Mansion before heading to big thunder mountain. Somehow we talked my son into riding it. It turned out to be his favorite ride of the day. We rode magic carpets then another ride on big thunder mountain. We met Peter Pan, Ariel and Mickey on our way out of the park. It was hard to leave when the rides were walk on but it was 5:00 and it was getting busier with party people. We took the sports bus since it came first and our room was pretty much equal walking distance. DH went and got a pizza so we could just relax in the room and get to bed early for our full day at Hollywood studios.


What a great day! You did so much and ending with pizza in the room is always a good idea. :blush: