Though I leave home on a Tuesday, I don’t get to Orlando till the Thursday. I didn’t want to have to wait a third night before I finally got into a park, so I was determined Arrival Day would have some MK action.

My schedule is arguably unrealistic and I’ve made my peace with not making it all. I have a FPP for BTMR that will require everything to go incredibly smoothly and I may miss it.

But . . . when they changed the closing time to 10pm, I snapped up a FPP for 7DMT for 9-10pm. Here’s the problem: my window to use it is the half hour between HEA and OUAT.

Do I risk missing some or all of OUAT? Or do I abandon 7DMT (I have another FPP for it later in the trip).

Is OUAT worth it? I’m attending the HEA dessert party, so I’ll have a good spot to view it. But the excited kid in me really wants to ride the ride! If I rush off to ride it, I’ll lose my viewing spot and may not be back in time.

I don’t know anything about OUAT, but if you love the 7DMT ride, then ride it. I will say, keep checking your FPPs. You may get a chance to move it to an earlier time.

I have seen OUAT and I say go with 7DMT. 7DMT is not one of my favorite attractions but I think it is much better at night. It is so beautiful ! Also, although you will not be able to see the projections you will be able to hear it and you will see the few fireworks in it from behind the castle.


OUAT is this: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_GB/entertainment/magic-kingdom/once-upon-a-time-castle-show/

I can’t change the FPP – my unrealistic schedule is too tight!

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And I guess I may make it back in time!


7DMT. We missed oust bc we were in the confectionary spending the last of our snack credits. I want to see it but oh well. 7DMT is so awesome.

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I don’t know if you will be able to see HEA/OUAT at another point… but the party of 9 I saw it with in June ranging in ages from 4-70 all thought it was amazing. Hands down the best fireworks+ show I have ever seen in my life! 7DMT, I though was OK, but I’d skip it in a heart beat to watch the fireworks/projections a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, probably even 5th time.

@profmatt, this is only QOAT, right? You are seeing HEA? I am asking because of @Eazaleski concern.

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Yes. I have Plaza Garden viewing of HEA, which is at 9pm. My FPP for 7DMT is 9-10pm. And OUAT is at 9.45pm. So in theory I have 30 minutes to get from the Plaza Garden to 7DMT and back.

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I thought I remembers that! I still think you may make it!

Is it worth the risk?!

I have another FPP for 7DMT but I hear the nighttime experience is extra special! And I do have quite a lot of fireworks in the schedule!

I love 7DMT! So much fun! I made a FPP for it for each of our 3 MK days and I was so glad I did. With our pre-RD BOG ADR we ended up with 5 rides total and I still wished we could have ridden it a few more times. I think it’s worth the risk!

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I think it is worth the risk. The fireworks crew told me they love QUAT. I lived Celebrate the Magic and I think that may be why I am so quick to say 7DMT!

Reviewers on the Touring Plans site do comment on 7DMT being particularly special at night. And my instinct is to go for that rather than OUAT as I do like roller coasters. (But am I being taken in by all the hype?)

I had a sneaky look at OUAT on YouTube – sure it looks great, but (klaxon shocking admission coming up) I’m not that into Disney films to be honest.

Depending on the crowd level and the difficulty of actually getting from Plaza Gardens to 7DMT, I think I’m going to go for it. Even if I’m a little bit late getting back to see OUAT I’ll get the gist of the experience.


I too love coasters. It is a pretty small coaster but with the lights and the way it runs at night (I think Big Thunder is much smoother and faster at night too) it is one attraction I will block out a whole day for a night time FP. My 25 year old son likes to get the train swaying side to side. It does it very little on its own but with a little force it adds a lot.