Osborne Lights help needed

Hi, any advice on my early Dec Sat nite at HS? What order of the following? Osbourne lights, F! 6:30 or 8p, dinner ADR time? TIA!

If your ADR is in HS, see the lights between F! & the ADR. You won't see them "flip the switch" to turn them on, but maybe it will be a little less crowded.

I'm planning to eat dinner before the first Fantasmic and then see Osborne lights after that.

The lights do get significantly more crowded for a while each time fantasmic lets out.

When do they flip the switch?

I remember it being around 6 ish… Let’s investigate…

TP site says usually around 6:00. Easywdw too, between 6:00and 6:15, so be in place to watch by 5:50 if you want to watch flipping the switch. :snowflake:

Due to the time change, sunset will be at 5:30p, not 6:30p…so I guess I interpreted 6ish as turning into 5ish. I guess I was wrong?

Where is the switch anyway? :blush: I’m clueless.

It takes a little while for full darkness at sundown though, right? I’m pretty sure they wait for it to be dark before the flip them on.

I think I would go dinner 5p ish, lights after (630), then the later F! Gives you lots of time for each.