Orlando weather in July

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I guess my question is on the weather. We are from Canada and we are planning out second visit to WDW. Our first visit was a few years back and we went in April and the weather was great. However our oldest is in grade 12 and we don’t want to take him out of school for too many days. We have 2 other boys and they all play hockey and their playoffs are all around the March break, hence the summer trip. We are looking at leaving June 30th to July 11th. I have Googled the weather and it says it is the rainy period for Orlando. Just wondering how bad and would it ruin the trip.



We’ve gone in July for the same reason. There were thunderstorms every single day, but short-lived. At most an hour of the day, but it’s hard to predict when. We just stayed flexible and brought ponchos. EPCOT is the easiest because there’s more indoors, but in the other parks you just need to be aware of what’s near you in case you need to make a run for it. When the rain wasn’t too bad, we stayed outside in ponchos. Occasionally I needed to re-improvise our plan, but it wasn’t so bad. It won’t at all ruin your trip.

It will be hot, Hot, HOT. And Humid. Prepare for heat that makes you want to slow down.

The storms are daily, but usually short lived. You may be thankful for them as a ahort lived way to cool off. I have found in Flordia it rains almost everyday in the heat. Late afternoon seems to be the favorite rain time, but don’t count on it. One trip I went in August and it rained in the afternoon, usually when I was napping at my resort.

We usually go in July - it will be hot and there will probably be a quick thunderstorm of about 25 minutes most days (say 2 out of 3). It is very unusual for these to make a major dent in touring time as they are usually in the mid afternoon, when I recommend you are relaxing at your hotel or in an air conditioned restaurant. if it rains at other times then just Poncho up and carry on.

We went in late June, and it was brutally hot - heat index in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit each day. We had misting fans and cooling cloths, but it was still very, very, oppressively hot. If it’s when you can go, then it’s when you can go, but be prepared for the heat.

It did rain several days, mostly in the afternoon. However, be prepared for rain at any time - it rained around lunch time on our pool break day. It also rained for several hours between 4 and 7 pm on our Animal Kingdom day. Bring ponchos and shoes that can get wet (such as crocs) and backpack(s) to carry the rain gear in.

I believe that the US schools start at the end of August. I’m not sure what province you are at but where I am in Ontario the kids school starts after Labour day. A week or two after a lot of the US schools. Hockey would not start yet either. Would you consider going at that time as the crowds are probably lower. I can’t comment if the weather is worse.

Nothing I can contribute that hasn’t been said already by previous posters regarding the weather, but just wanted to say Hi from a fellow Canadian! :smile: I’m in Calgary!

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One of my all time favorite trips ever was the trip I took at the end of June/ beginning of July. Yes, the weather is hot. Yes, it will rain every afternoon. The evenings are beautiful. It is wonderful time of the year!


Thanks guys for all the input. We are excited about the trip. I have 3 boys in hockey and one graduating from high school so we decided to go in June/July