Orlando Theme Parks provide proposed re-opening date at Orange County Task Force Meeting tomorrow May 21st EDIT

Tomorrow at 2 PM, there will be a meeting of the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force where the major theme parks must present a proposed re-opening date

EDIT for latest information: All three parks, WDW, Universal and Sea World are to submit plans tomorrow, only Universal will do a presentation to Task Force

Last chance to get your prediction in for the re-opening date, winner get’s a major award!






SeaWorld told Orange Co Taskforce they hope to reopen by end of June.

Oh Well!

Never mind!

Looks like only Universal presents tomorrow. Sea World head told VP Pence at meeting this afternoon that they hope to re-open in June. WDW not submitting tomorrow reported on CNBC and several other sources.

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Also, it doesn’t say Disney have to present their plans.

In order to re-open, theme parks must present their plans to be approved. And those plans must include proposed dates.

But nowhere does it state that WDW must present now. They could choose to present in a month from now if they want to.

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I’d guess that Disney wants to see how things go over at DS. They seem to be very data driven and right now they probably don’t have enough data.


Initial report stated WDW and all other major parks would present tomorrow.

Reopening Orlando’s theme parks

2 p.m. update

Walt Disney World, the Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld will deliver reopening presentations to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force on Thursday.

The presentations must include a planned reopening date.

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Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings must sign off on the plans before they can be submitted to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Vice President Mike Pence will participate in a roundtable discussion with Orlando’s hospital leaders at 2:40 p.m. Click here to watch it live once it begins.

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Which was then retracted.

But the article said “they must”, which wasn’t the case.

All the tweet said was that the presentations started tomorrow.

I can’t access the news channel so I don’t know who actually said what. And true to form, Corless has altered his article which quoted the statement.

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This was updated:

So Universal will set the benchmark tomorrow (I don’t think SeaWorld matters)…wonder if that will impact Disney’s plans?

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More Confusing reporting

Originally reported

Just a thought here.

Since when are tweets considered a relaible source of news? :woman_facepalming:t4:


Tweets from Local Orlando Television News reporters covering the story are often considered a reliable source of news.




Not a theme park, but Kennedy Space Center is reopening 5/28.


You got a Major Award

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Those were posted before the wdwnt update?

THAT is a good, VERY good, question!

That said, as @feep pointed out, Disney seems to heavily rely on data, so now that DS has reopened, I assume they’ll want the standard 2-weeks to see if there’s been a spike in cases? So, at minimum, 3 weeks to make any sort of call?

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It really depends on the source of the tweets.

If it’s from a government official’s account, it’s just as accurate as if they were quoted in a newspaper, perhaps even more so. (Not necessarily true, just no different than them being quoted in more traditional media.)

Recognized journalists, it’s no different than if they are filmed live on the street expounding some piece of information.

Random co-worker re-tweeting high school buddy re-tweeting some doctor no one’s ever heard of…yeah…we’ll stick that one over in this file cabinet in case it becomes pertinent later…

All data sources are buyer beware.

Even the source of the tweets is dicey IMO.

I mean here in the U.K. we just had something of an example to prove my point.

In the parliament process called “Prime Minister’s Questions” a minister. (but not Boris - yes I know he’s the PM but in this case somebody else answered :woman_shrugging:) said “from the start we threw a shield around care homes”. Just a couple of days before (I think) a different minister said to a committee of MPs that “we should have thrown a shield around care homes from the start”. And the chief medical officer or someone from that group anyway said “we missed the chance to throw a shield around care homes”.

All of those could have been tweets from a government minister. By your argument, all are reliable sources. I mean, they should be, but they all say different things - we did, we should have, we missed the chance to.