Orlando Sanford Transportation

Hi - I just wanted to see if anyone can recommend a different option than Uber/Lyft for a ride from Sanford to Universal that’s about the same cost (about $55-$75). Just considering options. Looks like Mears would be about $120 and Happy Limo about $200, so seems like ride share is probably the way go price-wise. (I just miss the Attraction Express shuttle and don’t feel like waiting two hours at the airport for the next one, altough I suppose these days there’s a better than average chance my plane could be delayed.)

Welcome back!

I use Lyft for most rideshares both at home and on vacation. I’ve never had an issue. I understand the comfort level of going on something familiar, like a shuttle. However, IME, once you do it t and see how easy it is you’ll be happy.

I’d much rather pay half price for a private car.

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