Orlando Informer vs Undercover Tourist Tickets

Has anyone had good experiences with buying tickets for OI? I have previously purchased for Undercover Tourist, and did have a good experience, but the tickets from OI are slightly cheaper. I’ll be buying 7 tickets, so little savings add up.

I haven’t. I’ve just used UT. However, in case you didn’t know, if you use the link to get to UT from the Mousesavers newsletter, it will save you an additional few dollars per ticket. (Not sure how it compares to OI, though.)

Mousesavers doesn’t want the link posted publicly…but if you don’t already get the newsletter, I can email it to you (which they DO allow). Just PM your email address. You can sign up for the newsletter directly, but it is only mailed out once per month.

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I am signed up for the newsletter. I did look through the link, but the new price was still more than the OI price.

This is good to know, because my DS and DDIL still have to buy their tickets for our UOR trip in May.

Last year, the ticket deal came out in mid January for use later in the spring and after. Buy 2 get 2.

My sister and daughter’s friend both bought tickets through OI and had absolutely no issues. We found them slightly cheaper as well and this was back in November.

I ended up going with Orlando Informer tickets as they came out to be 80 dollars less for the 7 tickets.
The 3 day tickets were about $24 less, and the Buy 2 Days Get 2 Days free was about $7 less at the time. If I were to buy them today, they would be about $2 less.

Does OI offer refunds?

One thing I like about UT is you can cancel and get a refund for tickets less a 5% fee.

They offer the same refund policy that UT does, 5% restocking fee on any ticket still sold.

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