Orlando in august

When we went in August 2020, it was hot. Like, a couple days hitting about 103 degrees hot. To make matters worse, it was when they were social-distancing lines, so we were spending most of our line time outside instead of in.

BUT, with lines back to normal operation, if you plan to spend most of your outside time during the heat of the day just getting from one attraction to the other, remember that MOST attractions have indoor queues, and the ride is inside. This frequent cooling off is helpful. Make sure you don’t have a TP that has you spending the hottest part of the day outside. Pick rides that are indoors, or at least shaded.

This means you don’t NECESSARILY need to head back to the resort during midday. Just be mindful of how you are spending your midday time while in the parks!


As a fellow European (from Norway), let me tell you, it’s HOT!
I have been in mid August the past two years, because it’s the best option for us in terms of school vacation. We were sweating even when standing still in the shadow. Not something I’m used to from Norway… :wink:
But the good thing is the time-difference, which makes us wake up super early! So we went to the parks at opening, stayed some hours, and then went back for a mid-day break from the sun, and any afternoon rain.
We did use the pools quite a bit, but like everyone says, they are not really that refreshing. However the pool showers are! My personal tip. :wink:
And we stopped by every store to get some aircon breaks in the park, and drank A LOT of water.

As my kids say; it’s Disney! It will always be better than being anywhere else, no matter the conditions!
So go prepared, and enjoy!


Isn’t the altitude higher in a good section of Africa?

No idea. I don’t have my topographical map with me

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We go in August every year. Some years we’ve not been bothered by the heat. Last year seemed to be really really hot. The pools weren’t refreshing but the water park was much better if you have that ticket. It’s hard to do park open to park close multiple days in a row for us when it’s really hot so plan mid day breaks or go with an every other day park strategy. The AC is freezing in every indoor location so a walk through a shop or saving the rides with indoor lines as the ones you wait for (wait for Space rather than Thunder when it’s really hot and wait times are similar) are little things you can do that can help.

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