Orlando, here we come!

Just checked in for our flight tomorrow morning! Thanks to everyone for all your help and advice over the past couple of months! I’m sure we will have a great time if the HEAT and HUMIDITY don’t do us in. :sunny: We’ve barely hit 70 in Michigan so far this spring, so this will be something of a shock I’m sure. We did Disneyland last year at this time, and the high was probably 85? This time it will be a high of 95. :rage: <---- (me sunburned) So lots of sunblock and lots of water.

To recap:

Staying at the Dolphin for 6 nights.

First two days at conference.

Next four days at parks with Four Park Magic Tickets.
TH - AK 9am-4pm
FR - MK 8am-11pm
SAT - EP 9am-9pm
SUN - HS 9am-11am, hotel break 11am-3:30pm, back to HS 3:30-9pm.

Fly home Monday. :frowning:

Wish us luck!


Have a great trip!

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Have a fantastic time!!!

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It’s been GORGEOUS here since we arrived Saturday. Mid 80s. Manageable humidity yesterday and pretty dry today especially by FL standards. It has been blissful


Have a great trip

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Have a fantastic trip! It appears that you will miss a weekend of rain in exchange for Disney. You get the better end of that deal, even with the humidity!

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