Orlando Grocery Express vs Garden Grocer

Has anyone used Orlando Grocery Express to have groceries delivered to a WDW report? How was it? All I have seen was people talking about Garden Grocer. We get a free delivery coupon with our stroller rental from Orlando Grocery Express so I am trying to decide which company to use.

My husband was just asking me about these last night. I’m interested to see what people’s experience has been too.

I have done Amazon to ship some water ahead before, that worked well. This coming trip we will be trying Garden Grocer. Placing the order this weekend probably to get the 10% discount. I could update after our Halloween Trip, but I am guessing that may be too late.

Thanks! I have only done Amazon before for water and some snacks too. We are in the same position though and to get the 10% discount we need to order this weekend as well.

I have used Garden Grocer and they were excellent in every way.

I have used garden grocer once and will not hesitate to do so again. Great service worth the money. Texts email and phone call when the good arrives. I choose all thre methods of notification you can pick what you want.

We got cut fruit and were concerned about the quality and i was assured if i was unhaooy j would get a replacement later samr day ir next day dep ding in timing.

We also used Garden Grocer - and I have to say my husband’s favorite part was having a cold beer after a long day in the park - and not having to go anywhere to get it. We had a little problem with the strawberries but I contacted them and they brought me a whole new pint. Milk, yogurt, bananas, etc were fine. Can’t comment on Orlando Grocery - haven’t used.