Orlando area tolls

I’m from the UK and flying into MCO terminal C in Feb. Whats the current state of tolls around orlando?

Can I pay by card, cash or will I have to pay via the car hire company? I was hoping Visitor Toll Pass would have a booth in Terminal C by the time I arrived but that looks unlikely and a trip over to Terminal A to pick one up after a 9hr flight with small kids way pass their bedtime doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Alternatively, I’ve found I can order one of these Uni 19-State Portable Toll Pass but i’m not sure if I can set it up from the UK.

Unfortunately, many of the tolls you can’t pay by card or cash. So the three things you mention (pay the car rental conpany, get your own transponder, or get the visitor toll pass) are really the only options I can think of.

For the unipass, there may be a problem shipping internationally but I would research that option more.

Some rental car places have reasonable toll policies - something like: toll +$5 each day you have a toll. So how much driving you are doing affects whether thaylt is cost effective. But their website should tell you what that policy is.

Good luck!


I’ve used the visitor toll pass and it’s worked really well for us (except the part where my flight was in B and I forgot I had to go to A). Not a big deal between A & B but C is a bit more complicated. It’s a great program, I’m completely confused as to why they don’t have a kiosk in every terminal.