Original 14?

I am losing track counting DVC resorts. There has been a lot of talk of restricting future resale to the “original 14”. What resorts are the 14?

Good question. I can only come up with 13.

Lol, I came up with 15!


Bay Lake Tower
Boulder Ridge
Copper Creek
Jambo House (AKL)
Kidani Villas (AKL)
Beach Club
Hilton Head
Old Key West
Saratoga Springs
Vero Beach
Grand Californian

That’s 14.

Oh, wait. I missed Grand Floridian. Okay. that’s 15.

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Is Grand Californian excluded? Or does AKL count as one ?

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Maybe Aulani is not considered one of the “original”. It was built most recently.

ETA: Nope. I’m wrong again. (I’m not batting too well!)

I think they are not counting Aulani. If you look in the booking dropdown there are 15 including Aulani.

Actually, I take it back. I think AKL is counted as one. It’s a single ownership even though you can book at two different locations.


Yes, I agree. Kidani and Jambo are different booking categories, but AKV points are not specified as Kidani or Jambo.

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