Organizing Photopass Downloads

I am having a problem when downloading photopass pictures. While on the website they are in order, when I download them the names are random files and there are no dates/times, so they are in a completely random order and impossible to organize. I don’t recall having this issue on past trips. Any advice?

The newer system gives me this problem as well. I typically select and download one day or one park at a time. That helps me organize them more easily. The videos still get downloaded as their own weird separate file.

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It it the same download issue we have here: they end up uploading in order of size?

I organize my photos using Lightroom and that gives me the ability to rename the photos. I then name them as follows: YYYY-MM-DD-Hour-minute-second-camera model (using the meta data attached to the image) This puts them into chronological order automatically, and as no two pictures are taken at the exact same second the file names are unique.

ETA if you send me a PM with a Dropbox link I’d be happy to rename them for you

For the most part, you can sort the files by Date Modified and they’ll be in chronological order. The only ones that don’t follow are Magic Shots, the date shows up as the date and time when the magic was inserted. If naming is really important to you, there are a number of programs that can read that modified date and automatically rename files using the date info.