Ordering Magic Bands challenges (the free included ones)

I am frustrated The MDE app is horrible. I want to cuss. I have 12 in my group. I have had to re enter all the Magic Band info twice since I started this journey. We are at 30 day mark so just double checking and find some of the colors are missing and some of the names are missing for the Magic Bands. I called the Disney misinformation phone line and after 5 minutes disconnected, back on hold for 15 minutes now. I just know one of my Grandies is going to be disappointed and I am going to be an angry Grandma Bear. I am so tired of hearing about the cast member survey, I’ve done it about 10 times and I refuse to do it again. In this age and with the money Disney takes in why can’t they fix the web site issues?


This is how our regular old colors magic band information appeared on our MDE account as well; each time I checked it showed nothing ordered. However, several days ago I received an email that they had shipped. We got them today in the last colors I chose. Our trip is in 25 days. So, I would suggest maybe ordering them all again online and give it a few days to see if they ship?

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Thanks, exactly what I did and now will wait impatiently.

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