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Hey All - I know this has been discussed but I need some assistance if anyone has booked using Orbitz. I booked our stay at POP through Orbitz with the fall room only discount and stacked it with an Orbitz discount. I booked it with just two adults but now need to add my daughter, who will be one, to the reservation. I’ve called Ortbitz to add her and they seem confused as to what should be done and keep telling me there may be an extra charge even when I’ve tried explaining that they need to call Disney to add her. Long story short, anyone that has called Ortbiz to add a child, have you had difficulties? Have you had to call back a few times to get someone who knows what your talking about? What did you say to them to get them to understand what needed to be done? Sorry for all the questions but the planner in me needs to get this sorted out. haha Thanks for taking the time and any help you may be able to provide.


Some Orbitz employees are more knowledgeable than others. I have found that if you get one that doesn’t understand, it’s better to hang up and try again with another person. What they should do is put you on hold while they call Disney and have your child added. Then they can come back to you to confirm. Disney does not charge for children in the room, so there should NOT be an extra charge.

At that time, also ask them for the Disney confirmation number that you will need for MDE.

You can also try the online orbitz chat that has seemed to work for others.

I’ve had the same experience w CM’s: some more knowledgable than others. Even some not quite nice: rare thankfully.

I thought I’ve heard that if you have a child to add, you should call Disney to do it as Orbitz will charge you extra. I’d call Disney and go from there. :smile:

I just did this yesterday. The online people are great and knew exactly what I was talking about. They added the kids to the reservation and it was quick and easy. Took me longer to find the way to contact them online.

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Don’t even ask about charges, they will see after adding that there is no charge. When I did it, I just said, “I called Disney to add 2 kids to my room and they said that Orbitz needed to call them. Could you call to add them?” Had no trouble at all.

Surprised Disney can’t deal directly with us once the res w Orbitz is made.

Yes, when I called I simply said, “Disney does not charge for children in the room, and this May an Orbitz rep called Disney direct and had my children added for me. Could you please do that for me?” She did confirm with her supervisor, but all worked out. She said she emailed Disney. Either way, kiddos were there within 30 mins. Make sure you call when Disney is open, though. Sometimes Orbitz has later CS hours.

I have heard that Disney will occasionally help Orbitz folks. If your DD is 1, she won’t need a ticket or MB (unless you want to get her a colorful one). So technically, you don’t NEED to add her until you arrive. Our DS is 2, but we knew he’d feel left out not getting a colorful MB in the package along with big sis.

Thanks everyone for the responses. I just now had time to come on and check these. I’m going to be calling soon so we’ll see what happens. I’ll keep ya updated.

I booked a few days ago with Orbitz. Called them to add DD & a BIG MISTAKE. They were looking to charge me. I called Disney after that & they added her with no problem. They only asked who I had booked through. Call DISNEY directly!

Super helpful information, all! I just rebooked a bunch of rooms with Orbitz and will have to call WDW to cancel a bunch of rooms now. Doh.

I was able to use the online chat feature this time and the person helping me knew exactly what to do right away. She asked me to sit tight a couple minutes while she contacted Disney for me. They added my daughter no problem and we already picked out our magic bands. The only hiccup was that Disney apparently had me down for 2 duplicate reservations so I have to chat or call Orbitz back on Monday when they can call the hotel manager at Pop to sort it out. I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just cancel the duplicate then and there but I may just call Disney directly as some have suggested to see if I could sort it out without having to go through Orbtiz. So I guess it is truly hit or miss with who you get and what they know. Thanks again all, for the help and suggestions. Look forward to passing my experience on to others.

I had a split stay and offshore Orbitz rep was able to add DS and DD by calling Disney. Be sure to get the 12 digit Disney resort res # too