Orbitz park tickets - 2 questions

  1. Does anyone know when Orbitz will start selling WDW park tickets for use in the first half of 2015?
  2. Are Orbitz tickets upgradable?
  1. No idea

  2. Yes, they are standard WDW tickets and are fully upgradable.

One thing about the Orbitz deal - check the fine print. In the past you do not actually get tickets, but rather a voucher that you turn in at the TTC to get your tickets. Unless Orbitz will be able to provide you with a valid ticket number to go along with the voucher, you will not be able to link them to MDE and make FPP reservations. Can anyone chime in about their experiences with this recently?

Ok, not sure if my experience is recent enough. But here goes: in April, I had NO problem at all with getting a code that I added to my MDE. I did have to wait almost 48 hours for cc to “clear” through Orbitz, then I called Orbitz and received my “code” to put into MDE. My account recognized that I had tickets, I was able to make my fpp+ reservations.

<also, after a few days of park use, I did upgrade the Orbitz ticket to an AP with no trouble/hassle>

So, my question, here, have things changed with the use of Orbitz park tickets? (did I miss the info?)

I am about to purchase tickets again through Orbitz, and I need to know: has there some recent changes to linking these tickets to MDE? TIA.

When I bought my tickets in December, Orbitz emailed me a purchase confirmation. In the e-mail it said to wait 5 business days and then log into my orbitz account, go to the My Trips section and the Disney Confirmation Code would be listed in there. It was. Easy Peasy. Once I entered the number into MDE and attached the tickets to the people that I manage, I was ready for FPP+.

I never had to speak to anyone. Just needed the patience to wait for them to get organized.

The voucher is to pick up physical tickets, if you want them. I probably won’t bother.

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Thank you. just wanted to make sure.

I had the same experience as fiel. It was very easy. Orbitz was doing a “buy three days get two days free” park hopper promotion. Bought 2 through their website, created a login and account for Orbitz. Waited 3-4 business days, logged in, and along with an Orbitz confirmation number, there was the MDE number to link the tickets on your MDE profile…you just have to give it a few days because Orbitz needs to send your info to Disney, and Disney assigns the MDE number.

I will say that when I tried to call to obtain the MDE number, no one seemed to know what I was talking about. Maybe just got some duds on the phone. But the number showed up on its own in my Orbitz account under the trip information, so make sure you create an account when purchasing the tickets.

Also - often ebates is doing a deal where you get some money back when you book through Orbitz. So check that too! I bought these tickets in December for my February trip. All worked out. And the park hopper promo was a great deal. You just don’t instantaneously get the MDE number soooo you probably want to make sure you buy them allowing enough processing time for your 60 or 20 degree FPP+ window.

ETA: With the park hopper promo thru Orbitz, my total for 2 tickets, park hopper option, five day was $688. Normally around $775 if I had booked directly through Disney.