Orbitz Issue: Staying CR, but can't book FP+ until 30 days out?

I booked the Contemporary Resort with Orbitz (Room and Tickets), but now it is saying I can only reserve FastPass+ 30 days out? Shouldn’t I be able to book at 60 days? I am staying on site?

Certainly yes! Odd. Something isn’t right obviously.

Guess I will placing a call to Orbitz to see if something went wrong with the tickets…just wanted to check my sanity. Thanks for the reply!

@sivaro Are your CR stay and tickets all linked up in MDE?

@Sam2071 They are linked on my phone, but not computer MDE (maybe an IT issue?) Not a big concern, as I don’t want A+E or 7DMT, but I am a planner and that 30 day wait will really bother me.

It sounds like your room reservation is linked, but not your tickets. I had trouble getting my Orbitz tickets linked for my trip this weekend. Persistence is the key. It CAN be done. Not every customer rep knows how to do it, though, so you may have to talk to a few different ones. I finally had Orbitz call Disney IT while I was on hold until they got it worked out. The confirmation number for tickets often starts with letters, like CARM…

There are two different confirmation numbers that you need- one for room, which is 12 digits/numbers only, and one for tickets, which usually starts with CARM followed by numbers.

I was thinking the same thing since MDE must know about the tickets (thus 30 days) but not CR (thus not 60 days). Maybe @sivaro needs the CR res #. Haven’t dealt with Ornitz/WDW so don’t know how this is handled. I have had situations through similar websites where I had to call the hotel to get the res number. I wonder if @sibaro can call WDW and get the number that way?

@sivaro Odd that CR is linked on your MDE app but not on the website. Shouldn’t they be one in the same? Any changes I make on my app have always been reflecting on browser.

Was this resolved I’m having this issue in 2017.