Orbitz in MDE

How do I find the resort reservation number to put it in MDE from Orbitz?

I’ve heard some say they got it in an email a few days after booking with Orbitz. Otherwise you can live chat or call them and they should be able to give you the actual Disney Res number for MDE.

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Orbitz customer service number is 1-888-656-4546. Once they give you the Disney number, go to “My reservations and tickets” in MDE and type in that number. That will link your resort reservation. That will also be the number you need for BOG FP. If you have also ordered tickets from Orbitz, there is another number that you need (usually starts with letters) in order to link the tickets.

it should be automatically in the confirmation email that you receive from Orbitz. Its not the confirmation # (that’s Orbitz) but under the resort name there should be another confirmation number which is the actual Disney confirmation number and that is what you use to link to MDE.

I remember seeing that you don’t add the kids when you book but do it later. Can someone explain how to add them later? Is it through Orbitz or Disney?


@mexdonaldrocks you need to call Orbitz. They will call Disney to add the kids. If the person says they don’t know how to do it, call back.

To add kids, you need Orbitz to call Disney. I first tried to call and got an orbitz employee who made me want to leap through the phone. He kept insisting that he was on the phone with the hotel and that it costs $ to add the kids. I was clear, that I’ve stayed at 4 disney resorts in less than 12 mo and they absolutely do not charge extra. I finally has to excuse myself from the call. I then used the online chat and got someone who knew just what to do.

Thanks. I thought that may be the case but didn’t want to waste my time trying to find contact info for Orbitz unless I had to. They make it so hard to contact them!

I had the same problem with getting the # to link my Orbitz tickets to MDE. The employee kept insisting it was not possible, even though I had done it 3 DAYS AGO for another trip I am taking in September. Just hang up and try the next person until you get someone that knows what they are doing.

The “Disney” number provided by Orbitz is not working in MDE. Is there a waiting period before it’s registered with Disney?

It worked immediately for me. Are you sure you are using the resort confirmation number and not the orbitz one? I think the resort one was mostly letters like 6 or 7.

I got a 12 digit number from the orbitz person, but it took a few calls

Pretty sure. The Orbitz confirmation number is much longer and the other number says “hotel confirmation number”. I’ll try again and hopefully it works :grin:

This thread was very helpful. I booked my hotel on Orbitz, then called Orbitz to add my child to my reservation. The Orbitz agent knew exactly what I was talking about and there was no discussion of a charge. He put me on hold for about 5 minutes while he called Disney, then came back on to tell me that she was added to the reservation and gave me a Disney confirmation number for the addition. So simple!

I haven’t linked the reservation to MDE yet. I hope that goes smoothly!