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I’ve asked so many related questions lately so I apologize in advance for yet another - but this is by far the most helpful Disney-related website among the zillions of others out there!

If I book now through Orbitz, can I later apply the 30% room-only discount that will most likely be released in a couple of months? If so, is there a chance that I still won’t get the discount applied if I don’t modify my res/apply the RO discount as soon as its released? It seems like the FD and RO discounted rooms are sold out quickly. And if a better Orbitz discount comes out later, can I modify my reservation to get a refund for the difference?

We are looking to stay for 5 nights this fall (Oct 29-Nov 3) - preferably at Wilderness Lodge (standard room is plenty for us!). We previously rented DVC points but there is no availability at our preferred resort(s). The basic rooms offered through the FD discount are already sold out too. At this point, I’m thinking the best deal is to go through Orbitz but I want to make sure I am calculating everything correctly and don’t lose the opportunity to take advantage of any upcoming deals.

You cannot modify your Orbitz reservation to add the Disney promo once it is released you would have to cancel and re-book your trip and of course as Orbitz requires payment in full that could be problematic, although they do refund very quickly. Nor can you change your Orbitz discount if a better offer comes along without cancelling.

I know FD is a scary frenzy of people trying to book but room only discounts are rarely as crazy. Last year we decided to change to a split stay and book the last half of our trip through Orbitz at AKL. The RO promo had come out in late July and we didn’t decide to do that until several weeks later and had no issue getting a room at the discounted rate.

I would be watching for the late fall promo’s to come out and be ready to book through Orbitz the day it does but again it’s not quite the ‘hunger games’ of booking that Free Dining is, so as long as you’re prepared you should be fine.



And may the odds (and free dining) be EVER in your favour!


fixed it. LOL


Haha! I will most definitely be stalking the late-fall discount announcement!
To add some extra excitement to my disney planning, my parents say they want to tag along. My planning spreadsheet nearly exploded this afternoon with calculations for 47 different scenarios!!

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I just booked 2 rooms/hotels with the summer discounted rates through Travelocity so I could tack on an additional promo code discount. It seems as if Orbitz, Travelocity, Cheaptickets, etc. often still have discounted rooms when Disney direct does not. Just good to always check many sources. Also, as already mentioned, it is easy to cancel and rebook with Orbitz. I had a hotel booked at DLR last year that I rebooked four times to reduce my rate. Money was always refunded within 2/3 days.

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