Orange Lake Resort

Has anyone stayed at the Orange Lake Resort? This will be our first trip (November) to FL and WDW and we got a great deal for the resort (we have to listen to a timeshare presentation) but we couldn’t pass it up as we have wanted to go to WDW for ages and could never really afford it. We got a 2 bedroom villa. Just looking for input on how well you liked or dislike it. Thanks!

We stayed there several years ago. Our friends had a timeshare week they couldn’t use, so they let us use it for the price of the maintenance fee. We stayed at the Orange Lake villas where there is a lazy river right outside the door, among other things.

We loved it. We even looked into the possibility of buying a timeshare there. (Ultimately, we didn’t, and glad we didn’t considering what happened to the timeshare market!)

Still, if we could stay there again, we definitely would consider it.

Having said that, if you don’t plan to use the lazy river or other features of the timeshare, there are other places that are just as nice or nicer you can rent fairly inexpensively through HomeAway. But overall, Orange Lake was great.

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Okay. Here is where we stayed (overhead view) with an image of the pool/lazy river. It was great. There was also a miniature golf course near there. Not sure if it is still there.

Specifically, we stayed in the building in the upper left of this picture, I think it was on the 8th floor.


We are staying there in 3 weeks before we check into our on site hotel. Our friends we are going with have stayed there before and said it is wonderful. If you want other options, we have stayed at Marriott Harbour Lake and loved it.