Options to trade a refillable mug credit for…anything else?

We’re poking around with numbers tonight to see about adding the dining plan (gasp), as we’ve got BOG for QS lunch and looking at Akershus and Boma on an upcoming trip, quickly putting us close to the break-even point for just that as long as we’re able to plunk it down on a two-night stay. (Have not been able to find a definitive answer on that, so it would be a “let’s see what happens” thing.)

We know for a fact we won’t use the refillable mugs – DD4 only drinks milk and juice, and husband and I don’t drink soda (and are staying in a cabin, so we’ll just have drinks in there for the morning). Has anyone found a way to trade the refillable mug credit for anything else? I’d be happy swapping it for a Mickey bar and calling it done if they’d let me!

I haven’t heard of anyone being able to do this, but I also haven’t heard of anyone trying at all. Might be worth a call to Disney Dining!

Do you drink iced tea? Will you do a tour of other resorts? You might use it then. Definitely worth a call to see if they will do a trade. Let us know what happens!

I have never seen an option for a trade with it. We have cabinets overflowing with them at home. I usually fill one with candy or treats and give it to the girl that takes care of our cats. They make great additions to Disney themed gift bags too.

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I hate not to be an optimist but I don’t imagine they could trade it for anything. The mugs do make great souvenirs. We use ours at home all the time.

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