Optimizing when FastPass+ can't be changed

We currently have Fastpasses for Mine Train and Anna and Elsa on November 27th with no options to change to another time. Is there a way to “lock” those FastPasses when trying to optimize so it doesn’t change your times?

Try putting them in as a break might work then remove them from your tp.

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Don’t OPTIMIZE. Use EVALUATE instead.

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Evaluate keeps the order of your steps and gives you the projected wait times based on them.

I believe that @len mentioned that a “lock” feature is in the works, but that doesn’t help you now. I would go ahead and optimize, as it will most likely use your FPP times for those attractions anyway. If it doesn’t use them, then you have a better plan without them than you would have by trying to force it to use them.

It’s still in the works. @chrisgrissom1971 - let me know if the Optimizer doesn’t use those Fastpasses. I’d be moderately surprised. Thanks!

I would guess that TP would use those FPPs no matter the time of day.

My issue is that our Mine Train FP is for 4:45PM and Anna and Elsa is for 9:40PM. There are no other FP times available for those attractions on the day we are going. When I optimize for the day, it has me going to those two attractions at rope drop, but we don’t want to do that.

Either put them in as hard breaks (as suggested above) and optimize.

or organize your steps around the FPPs and use the evaluate button instead of optimize. Right now, those are the best ways to keep them at the times you have.

Good luck!!

Well, the issue here is that the Optimizer is able to make a better overall plan without using these FPP reservations. Sure, you may be waiting longer for 7DMT and A&E, but you will be waiting less time at other attractions which will more than make up for this. Just because you can get an FPP doesn’t mean that it is a good idea in terms of the rest of your plan.

However, there could be an issue with how the Optimizer is working out your plan. @len said that he would like to see the plan if the FPPs are not being used, so post the plan URL here and hopefully he will have a chance to look at it.

OK, let me take a look at this plan. One sec.

Chris, it looks like your most recent optimization has the 7DMT and A&E Fastpasses being used.

I’m going to play around with a copy of this plan, just to see if there’s any advantage to getting the Optimizer to use Big Thunder’s Fastpass. Sine you’re seeing it in the morning, with a 9-minute wait, I’m not sure how much time could be saved by using FP+. Will let you know what I find.

ETA: I couldn’t find a better alternative than what the Optimizer is showing. This plan has slightly less waiting and walking, but your arrival time at the Move It! Shake It! show is really close to the show time, so the plan doesn’t like it as much. I don’t know that I’d leave myself with just a couple of minutes to get to the show, so I like the Optimizer’s plan better.

Great, thanks. Also, I added a break for our dinner at Ohana.

I’ve found that sometimes you need to optimize several times (sometimes 4 or more times), and eventually those FPP slots will lock into the times you’ve entered. It then re-configures all other non-FPP attractions to accomodate and minimize waits as you would expect. Only once have I done this and the FPP times that the TP was “recommending” refused to budge.