Optimizing AK Touring Plan - Problem with Rafiki activities

I’m trying to put together a touring plan for Animal Kingdom. The focus of this plan is the Wilderness Explorers program so we will need to spend some time in Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

The challenge I’m having is that my optimized touring plan has me teleporting to the Conservation Station then back again and then taking the train round trip.
As much as I enjoy a little Pixie Dust in all it’s magical forms, I’m not ok with having my molecules scrambled twice in one day. I would prefer that I only visit once and the train be used to transport me to and from Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

How do I convince the optimizer that this is what’s best? I know that I could re-organize the steps myself and use the evaluate function instead but then i wouldn’t know if the rest of my day is in the most efficient order.

Here is the URL to my plan https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=2748280

Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have the Wilderness Express trains listed on your touring plan? One for Africa station and one for Rafiki’s planet watch station? You have to put the trains in to get it to work…

I had them in originally and it didn’t work right. I took them out and it added them back but still didn’t work right.

Well, then, I am out of ideas. I might try adding them back, put them in order, and then evaluate (not optimize) and see what happens…

Evaluate works fine. The problem is that Rafiki is currently scheduled for the morning. So if I use evaluate, then the rest of my day isn’t optimized.

If you know you want to do Rafiki first & about how much time you’ll take, then start your plan after that point & optimize. So, if you want to do Wilderness Explorer/Rafiki from 8-10am, then start your plan at 10am with all the rest of the things you want to do for that day.

E-mail webmaster@touringplans.com about this, letting them know the URL of the plan in question - they should be able to sort this out for you. This used to be a problem, but I thought that it was resolved.

Thanks. I’ll e-mail them.