Optimizer update on 7/15/2014

We're releasing an update to the Optimizer in the morning of Tuesday, 7/15, designed to improve the quality of very large touring plans.

Many families with very large touring plans (30 or more steps) will see a sharp drop in the amount of time spent waiting in line. In one Magic Kingdom test with 35 steps, the average amount of time it took to complete the plan went from 10 hours 03 minutes to 8 hours 44 minutes, a savings of 1 hour, 19 minutes in line.

You should not see an increase in how long it takes the Optimizer to return a touring plan.



This is in production now.

Interesting! I will be very interested to read posts like this about the nuts and bolts of Touring Plans programming.

Will have to try copying & re-optimizing my plans & see if they can match what I was able to devise. wink Thanks, Len!

@len @Lentesta I've noticed a bug. In some of my touring plans, when I schedule an FPP, the time is off by an hour after optimizing the plan.But when I optimize again, sometimes it fixes itself. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks!

@Lentesta @len Here is a TP that did it again. The FPP time is 10:35am. but after I optimize, it's showing me 11:48am; looks like a daylight savings time issue?? Thanks for looking into it. Here's the link to the plan: http://touringplans.com/plans/905759

Thanks. Yeah, it's a problem with the UI display. @sarah can you take a look at how this plan is being displayed, please?

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