Optimized touring plan - doesn't make sense?

For MK 8/8/21, park opens at 9:00AM

I clicked on a bunch of rides, entered lunch at 11:30 at Pecos Bills, 4:30 dinner at LTT, hit the optimize button.

The plan doesn’t make sense.
Step 1. 8:31 Peter Pan, off in 6 minutes,
Step 2 head to Pecos Bill’s for lunch at 8:40am
Step 3 Splash at 9:28 am

WHat did I do wrong in creating the plan? Peter Pan won’t be open early - according to recent reports no rides are open before 9am. ANd, I don’t want lunch at 8:40am, and I don’t think it is open then anyway.

THanks for your help.

Can you share your plan here? (Make sure you post the link the “print” in it, otherwise it is the wrong link!)

I’m not sure what you mean


Does that work?

No. At the top of your page where you edit, there is a button to share the plan.

Then, when you look at your plan, you’ll see this at the top:

That is the link you can share (see how it has “print” in there).



It looks like you accidentally set your Pecos Bill time to 8:30. Edit that step and change it, :

Also, you have the 4:30 Liberty Tree Tavern at 1:30 PM.

You are off by three hours,unless you are doing West Coast time. :smiley::smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well…I entered the correct times, at least I think I did, but when it optimized it, it moved the times. Anyway, I changed them again and it seems to be sticking. Thanks so much for your help and your patience.

I’ve noticed that the times sometimes change for meals when I hit optimize as well…not sure why that happens?

Yes, thought I was going crazy at first, but I’ve also noticed lately that meal times are changing by themselves when optimizing.

I have also had it lose the time completely, then say that I cannot optimize because there is no time.

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@len this is the other thread in which there are multiple reports of meals/breaks acting weird.

Ah, we’ve seen this before. I’ll let David know. Thanks!