Optimize won't work around breaks!? HELP!


Working on TP for MK & put in a 20 minute break at 2:20 pm before I entered the FPPs. After entering the FPPs and "optimizing" , the software will not move things in front of my break, resulting in 68 min of free time. What can I do to fix this? FYI before the break is Peter Pan's flight, which I used a FPP on and after is PhilharMagic and then Mad Tea Party (neither using FPPs). Either of these (or both) could easily be moved up before the break. Also I definitely entered a break, not a meal. Thanks in advance for any help!


It's probably because you haven't got enough to fill the time. You can either add some extra attractions or have you plan finish earlier or start later.


Thanks for the reply - I actually do have plenty of attractions on there after that, so that isn't it. I am full up until after the park closes at 7 for the Christmas Party (which we are not attending).


Can you post the link to your TP? You can always just manually move if it keeps being silly.


Sounds like you have at least 68 minutes of free time. Agreed, try adding a few more attractions and see what happens.


Optimize and then Try moving stuff where you need them and then hit evaluate (not optimize). That will keep things where they need to be.


As others have mentioned, If you have a large block of free time, then you do not have enough attractions to fill up all your park time. If you really do not want to do anything else, then move your plan finish time earlier and re-optimize.


Put an end time earlier than park closing. Add a few more things. Or what I would do is to move things where you want them, and then "evaluate".


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I shortened my finish time and it closed the gap!