Optimising my TPs

Hi all,

Relative newbie here so please forgive me if I could get this answer elsewhere.

I have a solo trip booked from the UK from the 6th - 12 March. I’ve planned my days around predicted CLs and prioritised MK and HS due to my preferences (3rd trip ever, last trip was in 2015). Can someone tell me the best way to optimise my TP plans? For example on one day I plan to be in MK from 9am - 11pm (which I selected for the plan) and I’ve selected my ‘non negotiable’ rides for my plan but when I optimise it, it either puts everything in the morning ending at 4pm, or begins at 1pm and ends at 9pm. Is there a way to get things to spread out a little more? I plan on fitting in food/shows/rests wherever they land on the day rather than scheduling them in advance.

Also - I’m staying off site and plan to RD BTMR/SM to avoid EE crowds, does that sound like a logical plan?

Either shorten your hours or add more attractions. It is telling you you need more. You can also add some longer breaks.

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Thank you! I want to utilise RD and the short lines at the end of the day so I guess a long middle of the break is probably a good idea as well as adding some more items.

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My suggestion is to add in breaks for the times you want to eat/ snack. I like to space things like snack 10-10:30, Lunch 1:00- 2:00, snack 4:30-5, Dinner 7:30-8:30. Set your walking to the slowest speed. Then try optimizing as see where it land you and report back with your results. Maybe we can tweak it from there.

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Thanks for the tips, appreciate it. Added more food breaks and it’s broken it up much more thankfully, but it’s suggesting I do Space Mountain and Buzz for RD - is this a viable option for offsite guests do you think? In the past I’d have avoided Tomorrowland because of the EE guests but not sure if that’s still a problem?

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Tomorrow and Fantasy are the only ones open for EE. I would think this pushes the crowds there. What are the wait times showing. I expect the crowds are going to be 6 and 7s going higher toward the end of your trip. Not sure if TP is showing that too.

Strangely they start off high and go lower towards the end of the week on TP - starting with 10s on Mon/Tuesday and ending on 8 MK and 6 HS on Thursday/Friday.

It’s suggesting 17 min wait for Space at 09:33 on an 8 day which seems far fetched to me!

Me too! Hmmm. Space was just added as an LL so I think that may make the waits longer, but thats only an opinion. I haven’t looked into the data. Thrill Data has some nice stats. I would look at it for those specific rides for crowd level 8 days and see what the waits have been. My thought would be to do Space at close. Buzz should be shortish at RD (whatever short is now a days) are you using G+?

This may be because Mardi Gras travelers still there the first few days of your trip. Not sure what else is going on. Easter is in April.

I am indeed - going for JC for my first at 7am. Mouse Hacking has an updated 2022 RD plan with Frontierland so I might just go for that and then optimise the rest of my TP day after I get whatever I can get done first over there. Gosh it’s all so complicated now isn’t it, it feels like a full time job planning even though it’s just for me.

Just be prepared that the time you see for JC may jump to later in the day making you back track to Adventureland/ Frontierland area.

G+ is a cluster, I’m lost with you. The least amount of wait times will be before 11 am and after 8pm. That’s all I really know about SB lines.

I expected it might - I’ve been practicing this week to see what kind of return times I see. Thanks so much for your advice, so helpful!

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