Opinions Please

Our last dining choice in DS is between The Edison and Homecoming. If you had to pick one which would you choose and why. We will be coming with a party of 7. Three adults and four kids ages 13-9. Thanks everyone for your opinion!

I have no experience since it just opened, but I am dying to try Jaleo. Only thing is at this time you cant make an ADR



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You can, on the Jaleo website/Open Table: https://www.jaleo.com/location/orlando-jaleo/ :slight_smile:


Homecomin’. I showed the menu to DS and DH for The Edison and both turned up their noses. Homecomin’ was really good food I knew everyone would enjoy.

Well spotted. I have been waiting for reservations to open. Thank you.

No problem - we’re very much looking forward to our first Jaleo visit too, from what I’ve seen in it will be first of many! :yum:

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Wow, great I am on it.

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Consistently good service and great food in a bright and comfortable environment.

The Edison I s super neat but feels more Adult even during the day to me. Also service has been spotty for me and food isn’t nothing special


So I did try open table, not sure why I always forge about that. However I am trying for my trip in September and they are not currently taking reservations that far in advance. Anyone know how far in advance you can make them?

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I tried too. I think maybe 3 months.

I will keep trying

I think it depends on what you want to accomplish with your dinner. They are fairly different venues.

If the focus is food, Homecomin’ seems like the ticket, no doubt about that.

But if you want entertainment, clearly Edison is the choice.

I had this exact same question, and ended up deciding on Homecomin’ with the Edison afterwards, but they don’t have entertainment mid-week in May, so we’re going over to Jellyrolls (which is not an option for your family as it’s limited to over 21).

Another option with dining/entertainment would be Raglan Road which combines great food with great entertainment, and your family might find it fun. We have that scheduled for a different night.

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I tried and tested on open table and they are booking up to Tuesday 7 May, so only 6 weeks.

Have you watched Tim Tracker’s vlog review?

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I did try again and it told me 42 days, so yeah 6 weeks. I will set up reminder in my calendar. I did not see the Tim Tracker review yet but it looks like they just uploaded it. I did watch the review on The Dis.

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With the sliding door, the waving cutlery and the girl in the background pulling gum out of her mouth? :joy:

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The sliding door is what sold it for me

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we loved Homecomin"!!!