Opinions on River Belle Terrace premium dining package for Fantasmic

I just booked a trip for March for Disneyland with a 25% off offer with Disney Visa. I am considering booking the premium dining package at River Belle Terrace for Fantasmic to be able to sit in a chair rather than on the ground. These bones are too old to sit on cemenf before anx during the show. But I don’t want to pay $75 each if the good and experience aren’t worth it.
Thanks for any thoughts on this.


Unfortunately Fantasmic won’t be back until May. I’ve heard good & bad about the experience. I’ve tried numerous times to book it & have never been successful. It’s very limited seating.


Come back after Memorial Day for Fantasmic! We have done the premium seating at River Belle once and we lucked out into a railside table and it was a pretty great view. But I am hesitant to do it again since you pay the same price if you have the railside tables or the ones a little further back with more people’s heads in your view.

Also, I personally love the scale of watching the SS Columbia and Mark Twain from much closer so even the railside tables a little too far back for my preference. But the River Belle is really your only option for a seat so if it’s either watch Fantasmic from a seat or not watch it at all, I’d do the seat.

The menu has changed a few times since I last went but when we went everything except the ribs was ‘eh’ but the ribs were fantastic. Sadly, they don’t have the ribs, but I do think they’ve worked out other options that people seem to like.


Thank you.

I had neglected to notice the reopening date. Removes the question, at least for March.