Opinions on Plans

I know it’ s a while until my FPP date and our trip, but I want to get as many opinions as possible on our touring plans. We are first-timers and want to do and see as much as possible. Breaks are not that important, so no leaving-the-park rest or anything. FPP-times are intended of course.

Day 1/arrival day:
Our flight is scheduled to arrive around 6pm. We will head to CBR and get familiar with everything. Maybe there is time for Disney Springs to collect the gift card included in our package.

Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Pretty much to do, I know, but we could postpone things to the second MK day. But with more FPP in the afternoon, especially for BTMR and Splah, I think we will be pretty fine.

Day 3 - Hollywood Studios

Fantasmic FPP is the dinner package.

Day 4 - Off day
Breakfst at Chef Mickey’s and dinner at BOG, rest of the day is free. Maybe Disney Springs if we haven’t been there the first evening, water park and/or mini golf.

Day 5 - Epcot

Will try to get FPP for FEA or Soarin’, standby the other one and hope to get FPP for TT in the afternoon. Whatever I do we will have some waiting.

Day 6 - Animal Kingdom

Pretty short day. Maybe we’ll have lunch at Tusker House. Dinner at Grand Floridian in the evening.

Day 7 - Magic Kingdom 2

Day 8 - Departure Day
Nothing planned

TIA for any suggestions/opinions.

On epcot day - starting with a 20 minute rest?
If that’s what you need to do, sure, but I’d rope drop Test Track at 9am. (maybe even try to do it twice if crowd levels are working in your favor) Then head to Soarin for the Fastpass. I might even try to:
Test Track x2,
Soarin x1
Then Soarin FastPass.

If TT fills up, then I’d head to Soarin, to try to get on once before using the FP. You might do ok, if you try to get a fp for TT or Soarin at 10am, to have the 10am-11am window, and getting everything done in Future World then staying in World Showcase for the rest of the day instead of walking back for TT and SE after touring the pavillions. Just an opinion.

The whole tiering thing really screws Epcot up, IMO. We just eliminated FEA from our plan. Too big of a hassle.


I guess I’m a little confused by your rests first thing as well. If you are arriving at rope drop, I would use that time to get on some of the more popular rides. But everyone tours differently. :slightly_smiling_face: Here is what I might try to do:

For HS, you could hop on RRC and use a fastpass for TSM and save yourself some time from waiting in line. HS typically opens the turnstiles between 8:35 & 8:45. At that time no one can get on any attractions until the internal rope drop at 9. You could get pictures before 9 and still rope drop RRC.

For EMH at AK, I would take advantage of that time for attractions, as lines will be very short.

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Oh ok, I forgot about the turnstiles being open early. Makes sense to drop the rest. Thanks!

Plans are updated :slight_smile:

Do you have kids?

No, it’s just two adults.

A couple comments:
Typical rule of thumb is to allow 3 hours from flight landing to setting foot in any park (or Disney Springs). That would put you at DS at 9:00 pm, and most stores close at 11:00 pm, while bars/restaurants stay open later.
HS: You can get your 4th FPP after you’ve scanned in your 3rd advance one, but that’s at least 5:30 pm and all the FPP for Fantasmic! may be long gone.
Epcot: Since this is your first trip, I’d suggest catching American Adventure, especially if you want a chance to sit in air conditioning. It has impressive audioanimatronics. You could always use some of your free time to catch the movies in Canada, France, and China. You stand in Canada and China, which are 360 degree films, but sit in France.
MK: You have 2 breakfasts and a lunch at BOG. That’s a lot of one place, but maybe you’re just using them for pre-RD access.
No matter what you have planned ahead of time, be flexible (a ride slow to open? stop to see a character?), have fun, and expect to have favorites you need to ride twice!

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Hey - Ok -
I re-read your post. A suggestion -
The “20 minutes in the am for coffee and pictures.” - That is PRECIOUS AM time. If you’re lounging during park open, ppl are going to be walking right by you to get queued up for an attraction. I’d get the coffee in before the park, or just have a travel cup en route. I’d save the coffee and pictures until you’re about 3 or 4 attractions in.

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Enjoy your trip with just 2 adults. We went in October to celebrate our 30th - first time at WDW with no kids in, well…30 years. It was awesome. I would think Rivers of Light might be running in AK in February, does that not interest you?

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It does and I will definitely add it if it is running :slight_smile:

then what I was going to say is irrelevant.