Opinions on November 2019

Hey Everyone!!

We are thinking of two different dates which have traditionally been low. We know a lot will change with the new areas opening. We are thinking Sunday Nov 10 - Saturday November 16 or Saturday November 16 - Friday November 22…any thoughts on crowd levels and Christmas Decorations. It looks like TP looks at those two weeks favorably

Thank you!

I think both are not Thanksgiving week, so crowds should be manageable.

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When is Jersey week? Sometime in November, right? I’ve heard to avoid that.

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When I was trying to pick dates for my trip, I compiled crowd data from the last 3 years from Touring Plans (TP) and Kenny the Pirate (KtP). I’ve copied a screenshot of the relevant weeks for you at the bottom.

When looking at this, keep in mind that Thanksgiving is a week later this year, so all those 8-10 numbers should be a week later. I would guess the crowd levels will be in the 4-6 range for both weeks you are considering.

“Jersey Week” leads into the first weekend you are considering (Nov 10). Also, Veterans Day is Nov 11, so crowds may be higher than expected for a Monday (as shown on TP’s crowd levels).

The 2019 dates are in the middle (N2 = November 2nd), TP crowds are on top, and KtP crowds are on bottom. The “MEHA” rows are the specific park crowd levels, and the unlabeled row is the average of all 4.

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Also, Star Wars may bump all those Crowd Levels up a bit. Who knows?

Wow thanks for all that info!!


I think all bets are off for this year.
(She said sadly as her own dates are 11/14-11/24…)


I’m there with my family of 4 on Thanksgiving week. Going Nov 22-29.

It might not be too bad if the 2nd ride isn’t open by then, at least in the non-HS parks, but

Thanks for all the info. Do you have Kenny the Pirates 2019 predictions for November you wouldn’t mind sharing? :slight_smile:

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I actually hope the second ride isn’t open by then lol. I’m not going because of the new Star Wars rides at HS…I am going to take my toddler to his first trip to WDW :slight_smile:


Same here!

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