Opinions on Fireworks Monorail crawl

We have a park hopper ticket on a Saturday in May. We will be at AK in the morning and afternoon and then I’m thinking I want to pop into MK just to see the castle, walk on Main Street and maybe ride HM. Otherwise I want to see Wilderness lodge and trader sams for the first time and probably pop over to enchanted rose for a lavender fog. We could even try to get into the Cali grill lounge for a drink. I’ve seen the fireworks from Cali grill and the hub in the past never from Poly beach. If you were me would you make sure to watch the fireworks in the hub if you have a ticket? Or would you watch from Cali grill or a more relaxed Poly beach? I’m curious what everyone’s preferences are.

For a day like this it sounds like you’d be looking for something lower-key and less peoply so I would vote for outside of the parks.

For my personal preference it really depends on my mood in the moment. And what I am doing after the fireworks.

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True. I can always feel it out day off. I should also say this will be our only MK & happily ever after day.

Welp that changes that then

For the one and only viewing, for me, it has to be inside the park. HEA is my very favorite.


I love it too. You’re right. Inside the park we will go. Thanks for helping me work it out.


If you’re going to the Poly anyway, have you considered watching the Electrical Water Pageant? On our last trip we went to the Poly to see the EWP and go to Trader Sams. Unfortunately, the weather was too windy and they canceled the fireworks and the Pageant.

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The pageant has been around for a long time and by today’s standards is low tech, but I still enjoy it and highly recommend it. It runs on CIT (Caribbean Islanders Time … i.e. it happens when it happens), so don’t cut your time too close.

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I’ve only seen it from Cali grill. Hopefully we catch it at Poly.

Back in the days before all this stuff was online, we were staying at the Wilderness Lodge, heard music and went to investigate. Serendipity.