Opinions on Beach Club Villas

Looking for opinions of recent BCV experiences. Reviews seem to be all over the board. We are currently booked at BLT 1 BR Villa, which I absolutely love and don’t want to give up, (especially with the extra little bathroom for 2 teenagers). Family wants to try something new and add Universal to the trip. BCV is less expensive than BLT, and upon last look, was available under the current room promotion. I am familiar with the convenience of BCV to Epcot and the amazing pool. What I am concerned about is the age, cleanliness and “feel” of the villas, and how inconvenient the bus service might be to MK and AK. NERVOUS about making a mistake! Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

We’ve stayed at BCV quite a few times, most recently in October last year, so five months ago.

All the units were refurbed just over two years ago, and the ones we have stayed in since then have all felt very fresh and clean. The new, hard floors definitely help with this. The bathrooms are a huge improvement from the previous setup and feel so much nicer now.

As for bus service, we’ve never had any issues. In case you’re not aware, you can now see the approximate departure time of the resort-to-park buses in MDE, which takes the stress and guesswork out of the park transfers. We have found the times given to be very accurate in all the DVC resorts we’ve stayed in (the wait times come from GPS trackers, so times may vary slightly from the estimates due to traffic).

I’m more than happy to answer any specific BCV questions you may have - we’ll be there again ourselves in 39 days! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! Although not as important to the rest of my family, cleanliness is a very big issue with me. Are the rooms very dim?

Sorry, also, is the sofa bed uncomfortable?

The rooms aren’t dim at all. Last time we had a woods view room on the 3rd floor. We moved there from AKV Jambo House, and the BCV room was very bright in comparison. We’ve mostly had pool view rooms in the past, and they have also been nice and bright. I had a quick look through my photos from last trip, but as usual I didn’t take any pictures of the room. Funny how you stop doing that after a while.

About the sofa bed, it’s comfy enough to sit on, but none of us have ever slept in one so I can’t comment on that. Sorry. I’ve heard the full range of comments from “awful” to “wonderful” - I guess it just comes down to how firm people like their beds…

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I have slept on the sofa bed with DS a few times - it’s not terrible or wonderful. It’s sufficient for what it is. It’s better than the one we slept on at AKL.

Beach Club is our favorite resort and we’ve stayed at both the Villas and the regular resort.

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If I were you, I would make the decision based on which park I planned to spend more time in: MK or Epcot/DHS combo. If MK, then stick with BLT. If Epcot/DHS, then BCV. If it’s close, stick with BLT because of monorail.

We slightly prefer the rooms at BLT (to answer that part of your question), but for me, the choice would be about location.

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We were at Beach Club Villas a few weeks ago, and are planning another trip for next year. I thought it was wonderful! The room felt clean, spacious, and well-lit - actually too well lit, we faced the pool and had to use the blackout curtains at night, which I don’t like to do. I didn’t personally use the sofa bed but my five year old did and he didn’t have any complaints. The room was clean when we arrived, although I noticed that it didn’t feel clean after our mid-week Mousekeeping visit - it seemed like they just replenished the towels and folded over the toilet paper, they didn’t make the beds or clean the floors. There is a vacuum in the room but I didn’t care enough to go that far.

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Yep, that’s a Trash & Towel. That’s what you get on day 4 of a DVC stay - literally just empty the trash and change the towels. The full clean isn’t until day 8, if you stay that long. :slight_smile:

I would be booking as a guest under the Sun & Fun Room offer. Wouldn’t I get daily cleaning?

My understanding is that booking a Deluxe Villa accommodation through Disney WILL get you daily cleaning.

I have not stayed in a Deluxe Villa accommodation though.

If you have a cash reservation you get daily cleaning. If you book using points you don’t. :slight_smile:


We stayed in a one bedroom villa at BCV in 2018 and 2016 and it’s our favorite place to stay. We order in groceries from Garden Grocer and ate breakfast in our room every day to save time and even ate a few dinners as well (frozen lasagna, pizza, etc.)

If you are a guest not booking on points, they will clean your room every day, including doing your dishes. Our room was spotless.

We have only stayed there since the renovations, and I found the rooms to feel very open and very nice. My kids’ first comment upon seeing the room after staying in family suites in AoA was that it was “too fancy”.

We had no problems with the bus service, though on the way back from the parks, it felt that we waited forever. We saw tons of buses for the value resorts pass by.

My kids slept on the sofa bed and said it was comfortable.

The five minute walk to Epcot is priceless. We had one day where we went to MK, came back to the room and made dinner and rested a little bit, then went to Epcot for evening EMH. It was great to walk back “home” at the end of the event.

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Thanks everyone for your opinions! I welcome any more comments!

Oh, good to know! I figured it must be something like that, but nice to have it confirmed. Thanks!

No worries. This is one thing which always seems to surprise first time DVC renters. I know lots of people find the cleaning schedule annoying, but we love being left alone. :joy:

Me too, actually - I make my own bed and don’t want new towels every day, so I’m just as happy to not have people in our room (especially after my wedding/engagement rings were stolen our of our room last year on a trip to Mexico…). I knew there was only going to be one “keeping”, I just didn’t realize it was so negligible. Actually it made me feel better because I had thought it would be for the next day and so forgot to leave out a tip - I didn’t feel so bad not tipping for just garbage removal and t.p. folding!

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we stayed dvc 1 bedroom feb 2019 for 4 days; we loved it; the pool was amazing; the buses were fine; loved the restaurants and easy walk to the ESPN burger place (my sons favorite)
we had view of private pool also; very quiet; easy convenience especially for breakfast in france!