Opinions needed please!

I am having difficulty choosing between Boma, Jiko and Sanaa for our upcoming vacation. We are a family of 5, 2 adults a 17, 16 and 13 yr old. My youngest does have some sensory issues and is very picky. She has done very well so far though on our past trips finding foods that she liked, even if it was pizza or chicken! All three of the restaurants look so amazing. I was hoping that maybe you lovely folks could help me narrow this down. Thanks in advance.

Jiko is fine dining. To me, it is one of the best restaurants- anywhere. It would always be my first choice.

Boma may have more choices. My son at 13 would go to buffets and each mashed potatoes. You daughter could most likely find something there. Although a side of Jiko Mac n Cheese would be amazing!

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First of all I have not been to any of these, but I have been researching the same thing. Here is my take away from what I have learned.

Best all round meal if you are a picky eater is Boma. Price wise it is also in the middle.

Sanaa is African food with Indian flavoring. But it is a cool experience as you get look out at animals while you eat. It can also be the cheapest meal of the 3. Personally I picked this even though I am a picky eater. I figured I would take one for the team as my wife will love this food and my kids will like seeing the animals. But my kids are younger than yours.

Jiko Is the most expensive, but probably the best food. But if you are a picky eater I would do Boma before Jiko.

In the end all three these are considered high quality establishments.


Haven’t been there for awhile - but wonderful when we were there. I would choose it over BOMA as it is fine table service as compared to buffet. The chef was (and probably still is) very good at helping out with these issues. I would suggest Jiko for sure


I will add I have eaten at all three! Jiko is my must do- every trip if possible.

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I have not been to any. They all sound good. I picked Boma as I am a picky eater and appreciate being able to try a variety of items. We are on the Disney Dining plan for the first time. Going mid-May so I will soon find out if I made a good choice.

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Maybe you can let me know how you liked it? I would appreciate any feedback or opinions.

I will certainly try to remember to get back here and give you a review. I would suggest in the meantime, depending on your arrival date, to make ADR now for something - you could always change it later if there are openings. One thing I am sorry about is my choice at MK. I picked Liberty Tree Tavern and it does sound good, but when I found out some other info on Crystal Palace I think I’d prefer that. I’m trying to switch so wish me luck! I’m trying the touring plan reservation finder and it did work for another reservation I wanted to switch.

Once again just to sum up dozens of reviews:

If you would like the experience of dining while viewing animals and you like “ethnic” food - Sanaa

If you don’t care about the animals or cost and like gourmet food - Jiko

If you are a picky eater or want the best value - Boma

But you probably can’t go wrong with any of them.

My picky eater found plenty of food (for her) at buffets, even though it seems such a waste to take her to a buffet as little as she eats. I haven’t tried any but Boma, and that was for breakfast. It was outstanding and we all managed to find something to eat even with all of our allergies. (My DH always ate things the chef cooked especially for him since his list was complex, and it wasn’t the best special food he had on our trip). Breakfasts tended to have more foods that were “normal” things that kids like.

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Oh yes, I have all of our reservations made. I would never take chances with that! I have some time and was thinking of tweaking some things. I have read thousands of reviews, watched hundreds of podcasts and read blogs out the wazoo. I know that so many of us here have been to these restaurants and have our own personal opinions. I wish you the best of luck and the most magical trip in May!!!

I actually think the best value is Sanaa. We always split the bread service and then split the entree with two choices and a dessert. It is one of the cheapest meals you will find. Keep in mind that Sanaa view is during daylight hours. The second prettiest view I my opinion is Jiko.

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I made our reservation at Jiko! It can always be changed but I think we will enjoy it the most!

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Won’t be able to tell you about Boma as we switched to Tusker House. Sorry!