Opinions: Last week of Sept vs. third week of Oct

Hi! We’ve been going to DW every year, usually early May or mid-Sept. This year I’m considering the third week of Oct but looking at the actual crowd numbers scares me away a little bit lol! Looks like last year during that week crowds were 6s and a 7 while we’ve gotten used to Sept’s 2s and 3s. When we visited a few times in May it was probably 4-5 and it seemed busier to us but we didn’t mind. I’m wondering if I’ll regret switching to mid-late October. I’m looking at the last week of Sept (27th) as an alternative, but I’d like to try a time when its not quite so hot and humid, which is why I chose October. Any thoughts? Is mid to late October always 6s-7s busy or was last year an exception?

IMHO October will get busier and busier every year- free dining, food and wine, relatively low point cost for DVC, MNSSHP. This has extended into late September too, so I’m not sure what the exact crowd level difference would be.

As always, if you have a plan (no matter what crowd) you should be ok!

Thats a given - I’m a big planner so we’ll have an agenda (and a backup plan!) when we go! And price isn’t going to be much of a factor either since I’m hoping to rent DVC points this year and both weeks are the same amt of points.
Just seeing 6s makes me a little nervous, I’ve never been there in October and the third week is between both of our kids’ birthdays, so I thought it might be a nice surprise. I’m still on the fence though. :weary:

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If you are use to sept crowds, oct will feel crowded to you!!! I love late August/sept for low crowds but like you, ds has a bday oct 21st and we have made it a tradition now of doing a mnsshp weekend around that time. This year felt much more crowded then last year, which surprised me. I’m planning on celebrating his bday at the beginning of oct or late sept next trip… Jut don’t tell him that :wink: