Opinion on WL transportation options?

Our first WDW trip is in two weeks (!!!) and we’ll be staying at WL. For those who’ve stayed there, I was wondering what you think is the best transportation option from WL to MK for rope drop. Would you:

  • Take the boat to MK (though I hear it doesn’t start until 30 mins before park opens)?
  • Take the boat to Contemporary and walk (or monorail) to MK?
  • Take the bus to MK?
  • Do something else?

And around what time do you typically leave WL for MK rope drop?


Boat to Contemporary, then walk.

The bus is only about 8 minutes from Fort Wilderness to MK. They start running between 60 and 90 minutes prior to rope drop.

You could also call an Uber to the TTS for about $7 and then hop on the monorail / Ferryboat. First ride is free, if you’ve never used it.

For rope drop, be there at least 30 minutes before park opening. In the summer, shoot for 45 minutes before opening.


Also, correct — the resort boats are not scheduled to begin operation until 30 minutes prior to park opening; not a great idea if you’re set on rope drop.
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The Blue Flag boats start at 6:45AM, for breakfast, and run from WL to CR to FtW then back to WL.

Our trip, April 26-May 2 this year, we had zero problem making rope drop taking the boat over.

We were just there. We were on the first boat to MK and watched the welcome show pulling into the dock. If being the first ones in the park is your goal, then you might want to try a different route. Those 3-5 minutes didn’t make a big difference to my family. We were still there very early and got to ride major rides multiple times in the first hour.

Bus… since we had 8 am ADRs with 9 am RD. Got on bus around 7:20 am. Very short wait. Love the boat every other time. So relaxing and drops you off RIGHT IN FRONT of the gate. Plus, super awesome for returning in evening.

Thank you for all the opinions. It sounds like we’ll probably be good no matter what option we choose!

I had the same question, so this was great.
Thanks to all for the very helpful & descriptive answers.
So for pre-RD 8am BOG ressie, it’s the bus.

The boat just sounds so wonderfully appealing though. :wink:
Will definitely be taking it other times.