Opinion on RDing SDD on Crowd Level 7 at HS

We are taking a trip to WDW the week of Thanksgiving. That first Saturday 11/23 is posted as a 7 on the crowd calendar (despite SWGE being open). My plan is to ride SDD twice - once with a FP late in the day; the other at RD. TP is showing a 46 minute wait time at RD which seems high to me. Anyone have any personal anecdotes?

Not sure how they are doing things now, but in Oct 2018 we got to HS about an hour before a normal opening time. We were part of the mass mess up to the first rope at the intersection. About 8:50 we got “walked” to Toy story land. We lined up for SDD by the green umbrellas. It still took about 25 minutes to get on the ride. TP doesn’t know you are there at RD…so it just thinks you are entering the park at 9am.

I haven’t been yet but I’ve been stalking wait times at TSL at park opening. I see SDD wait times 30-45 minutes within minutes of opening so I believe it. It depends where in the pack you are. Since you already have a FPP I’d play it by ear - see what the wait is and if it’s long just skip since you have a FPP. I also suggest you start checking wait times at park opening to get a sense. Crowds are pretty high right now.

its A bit heavy for RD but if you’re not in line at the ride in the first 200 or so people you’ll be 30 minutes. At the 915 it will be an hour. Ignore the posted wait time. If you miss the RD at all choose TSM or something else