Operation "Harry Potter Anniversary Surprise" is a go!

Just booked a Harry Potter themed anniversary surprise for my wife for Nov 7-9. Our flight lands around 11am on Thursday and leaves Saturday afternoon so we’ll have one full day and two partial days at the parks. Staying at a deluxe resort w/ express passes so I’m gonna do way less logistical work than for last year’s Disney trip :slight_smile:

Now I just gotta secretly read all the Harry Potter books over the summer (I’ve seen some of the movies, but am largely ignorant) while giving up zero clues as to the destination.

She keeps demanding that the next time we go to Disney (likely 2020 or 2021) she wants a day to herself at UOR. I keep trying to play dumb like I don’t know much about it (oh, there’s a whole Harry Potter section of the park? That sounds cool. Do they have lots of rides?) even though I’ve been planning this since last summer :smile:

T-minus 5 months and counting…


You are an excellent husband!

You are an amazing husband and I am so excited for your wife!

Hmm… Perhaps I should have specified that I was excited for her about the upcoming trip! :rofl:

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I just realized I put that emoji on this thread, I meant to post it on a different one, whoops, lol.

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