Operating hours not released?

Newbie here, so please forgive me if I’m missing something.

Planning my first ever trip. My ADR window opens on 2/20/17 and I’m trying to get all my park days planned and ready to go.

However, am I correct that Disney has not released their operating hours for August, when my trip is? And if their operating hours aren’t released, can I trust the crowd level predictions on The crowd calendar?

My reason for some skepticism is that I’m looking at the crowd calendar for August 19–26 and the CL’s seem low. Magic Kingdom at a CL of 4 on Saturday & Sunday?? Compared to the data of CL’s from previous years on this same week, they’ve historically been much higher (7-8’s).

Can someone help me to understand if I’m interpreting all this correctly? I’m so worried that I’m going to majorly make a planning error and ruin our trip.

Thanks in advance for your input.

I would use last years data to determine both CL and operating hours predictions. They won’t be perfect, but they will be close enough for what you need for ADR day. Disney can change operating hours at the last moment, so try not to get to wrapped up in the specifics.

My trip is also in August of this year and I’ve been looking at the same thing. One aspect I’m trying to keep in mind is the day of the week vs. the exact date: We fly in on 8/27 which was a Saturday last year, but Sunday this year. Going by dates, I should expect a CL7 or 8. But on Sunday (8/28/16) it dropped to a 4. Just a little “tweak” to keep in mind.