OpenTable vs. MDE preference?

I just booked Raglan Road for end of January brunch using OpenTable, which you will note is more than 60 days from now. Sharing in case that is helpful as a reminder that Disney Springs and other non-Disney managed restaurants are also available on OpenTable and (to my surprise) may allow you to book further in advance. The cancellation policy stated on the confirmation is that you have to cancel by 3pm day of or risk $10/person (so similar to Disney) and they required a credit card just like MDE.

Question: is there a reason some of you may prefer to keep a reservation in MDE?

The one thing I wondered is whether mobile check in (which I found really helpful on our last trip) is a thing on Open Table… but do non-Disney restaurants (and RR specifically) use mobile check in through MDE anyway? Is there anything else I am missing?


Nope. Not that I can think of

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You are right on time with this today ma’am. I’ve been trying to bookThe Edison and coming up short. Went over to Open Table and selected from three options. The only (slight) problem I see is forgetting about the reservation because it’s not in MDE. My trip is ADR heavy, so hopefully they will send an email confirmation and also a follow up reminder the day before or day of. (The site didn’t ask for cc, nor did I receive confirmation.)

Thanks for the helpful information. :cherry_blossom:

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I prefer Open Table for their cancellation policy. I was looking for arrival day at Jaleo for my February trip but I believe they state they book through Open Table at 45 days?

I have had a couple of credit card guaranteed reservation in Open Table. Raglan brunch was one of those meals.

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Glad the info was helpful! I got the usual email confirmation generated from Open Table and my phone calendar synced to add an appointment like other Open Table dining reservations. Hope the same happens for you!

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I have used Open Table for reservations at Universal Studio City Walk like the Hard Rock and some Universal Park reservations. I never had to pay a fee but I got chewed out for not showing up for a reservation I had forgotten about. Threatened to not let me make reservation via Open Table in the future. When I explained what had happened they thanked me and said now all was good.

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In the past, I’ve used the Note function inside MDE to create a reminder within my plans. That way it shows up in time order just like the rest of my day. As far as I can tell, it’s a function of the website under “Add More Plans”


I didn’t know about that either. Thank you.

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This is c/p from an ADR email from Disney:


  • You must cancel at least one day prior to your reservation to avoid a per person cancellation fee. If you fail to cancel timely and are a no show, the credit card provided at the time of reservation will be charged $10.00 per person.

My February trip is 98 days away. I currently have the first two nights booked in a SSR preferred studio with two different wait lists set up (one for BWV since my other two nights are there). As of this morning, I have Wine Bar George and The Boathouse booked in Open Table. I most likely will book back ups in MDE in 38 days in case one of my wait lists come through.

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