Oops! Online check in! What to do now!

So, DH and I arrive at POP 9/29…standard pool view room. My main goal is a refurb room in building 9 (though if I could be picky, my wish list would be building 9, top floor, non-connecting room😉Unrealistic, I know). Anyway, my TP fax is configured for 9401 (or that vicinity).
My potential problem…I did online check in with my first preference '80s section and my second preference highest floor. I went back to check my selection later, and it had highest floor as my first preference… I switched them. After having this happen several times over the last couple of weeks, I removed the highest floor and had 80’s as my only request. As of this morning it is continuing to default to highest floor as first preference and 80’s as second (which I never entered)!!!:rage: What should or can I do!!! Can I undo the online check in? I know some say not to do both, but I did last year at POR and got my exact request. Please help! :flushed:

Give them a call. They should be able to straighten it out over the phone.

Get touring plans to make the request. You can look at plans of the hotels.