OOP or upgrade Free Dining to DLX plan

My family is staying at BC and got free dining for our stay Nov/Dec. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary and our children’s b-days (DS turns 12 that week and belated sweet 16 for DD, and my DD skipping a grade). We are going to the MVMCP and I have Biergarten CDP pkg, prepaid CRT, and ROL Tiffins at lunch all which would use 2 DP credits.

With that being said:

  1. If I upgrade to DLX dining can I call or ask the server when we go to change the prepaid CRT ADR to use 2 DP credits instead of my paying with my credit card?

  2. We are a family of 5 and if I’m calculating correctly the difference btw oop and upgrading to DLX is roughly $100. This is taking into account that if I paid OOP I would utilize two dining credits for ROL Tiffins pkg and then pay OOP for our Via Napoli and Biergarten lunch CDP pkg and of course the already prepaid CRT (all of that totals about 900). To upgrade from regular DP I assume it’s about $987. I booked through TA and don’t have the itemized amounts (booked prior to 2017 increases).

Ok, so is it worth it to just upgrade since it’s such a minimal difference? Or should I just pay OOP? Thanks!!

There’s a lot of variables numbers to crunch to see where you stand, but looks like you have a good handle on those…

With your $987 DP upgrade estimate, I’m guessing you are going 6 nights?
Using current prices for 5 adults, my spreadsheet has the difference between regular DP and DDP cost at $950 using 2017 rates. (For 5 nights I get $791 to upgrade.)

Using your OOP estimate of $900, you’ll want to get an additional $87 (or $50 using my number) worth of value by upgrading. If you are are big eaters/foodies, seems like you could do that easily. Also, with the DDP you are going to get an appetizer per person for each table service, and that certainly covers the difference alone.

In our family we’ve crunched the numbers and have committed to just doing OOP - we’ve done free dining a couple of times, but is hard for us to eat so much.

But I think if I had free dining already and using your scenario I’d probably go for the DDP myself. It is super nice to not have to think about the cost any more as you order.

When it comes to using dining plan credits at CRT - that’s no problem. They ask you when you sit down what you are using to pay, and you just tell them DDP.

Congratulations on all the celebrations!

I enjoy the deluxe plan (and we use it almost every trip), because we like at least one TS per day, sometimes 2 and sometimes signature, plus we like to try the appetizers anyway. Also, if you have kids (under 9, child price) then they can order off the adult menu, so they can order the $50 filet (or whatever) which means that the actual value goes up considerably… we’re DVC so wealways pay full for it, so obviously upgrading from free dining would be a no brainer for me!

Thanks guys! With your suggestions I’m definitely leaning towards upgrading…hmmm that would mean I can add a Signature dinner the night we get there. Yep definitely upgrading it!

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I’m a California Grill/fireworks arrival night kinda gal, myself.

Sounds amazing! I should put in a ressie finder maybe I’ll get lucky. I think we’re going to be down there the same week!