Onsite for FP

Hello liners,
I have a question that I’m hoping you can help with. I’m staying offsite from 20 Nov till 29 Nov. in order to get FP for FOP I have booked 1 night at Pop Century for 27/11, which gives us 60 days FP for 27/11 and 28/11. I’m wondering if I also book for 25 Nov at Pop Century, will I get the 60 day access for 25 and 26 Nov. I’m coming from Australia, so we have to be able to ride FOP During my trip as I may never get back. Our offsite accommodation is timeshare, so I’m just packing a bag to stay at Pop and keeping our room at both properties.
Appreciate the help. I’m travelling with my hubby and 2 kids 8 & 10 and hubby has already said he won’t wait in line for more than an hour :pensive:

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If you book for the 25th, then at 60 days ahead you would be able to book for 25th and 26th. Then you would get a rolling 60 days after that. And then you would get the two days for the 27th and 28th. Then back to the rolling 60 days.

There have been lots more FoP released in the last couple of days so you might get lucky. But still the most you’d gain over 60 days is 61. Until the extra fps, most people were needing 64 to get FoP. And then some were getting lucky later on by constant checking.

I’m there for Christmas and also from Australia. I booked an extra night, but also extra tickets, so I will be able to book my FOP as my day 10 fpp, making it the very first day it’s available for booking. May not be necessary now as it seems that many more were released yesterday.
I will drop the extra night and tickets inside the 30 day window so I can keep the fastpasses.

I hope you have a blast while you’re there!

If you only have 1 night booked onsite you will only get 2 days at the 60 day mark. Then each day opens up 60 days ahead, one at a time.

So if you have Dec 20th booked onsite, then on Oct 21st you can book for Dec 20th & 21st.

On Oct 23rd, you can book for Dec 22nd.
On Oct 24th you can book for Dec 23rd and so on.

You won’t have 60 + length of ticket I’m afraid, if that’s what you were expecting.

The days before your stay will also open up on day 60 but that definitely won’t help.

I booked an extra day at the beginning of my trip. I’m staying on site.

Ah, OK!

I was just worried you were expecting too much. :slight_smile:

Never hurts to be cautious :grinning:

One wee thing though. You can make fps up to 14 days ahead but your 10 days will be more than enough.

Most tickets are valid for 14 days after use. The only exception I know of is the UK 21 day ticket. But comparatively few people stay onsite for that long, even for 2 weeks.

Ah good point. Off to update that booking!
We’re taking about the week between Christmas and New Years, I’m not taking chances :sweat_smile:

I can only bow in admiration to your attention to detail in planning a trip.

We went last year from just before Christmas to marathon weekend. It was Soooo much fun, crowds and all. I would do it again in an instant. We’ll see when it comes time for our next trip.

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Question relating to this. I have a reservation Nov 24 to Dec 1 and a separate reservation Dec 1 to Dec 9 (split stay). Can I make FPP at 60 days from Nov 24 for 10 days since some of that 10 days is on the second reservation? Tomorrow is my FPP and hoping I can do 60 + 10.

If you bought your tickets separately or have an AP you can make them at day 60 from your first stay. Package tickets can mess this up.

This is our first trip, and we can’t get back to 2025… So I want to make sure I don’t overlook anything!