Online Ordering for BOG

Yesterday in the app it said I could pre-order in 1 day and today I do not see anything that will allow me to pre-order. Any advice?

Thank you!

You can’t do it in the app. You need to go on the website, a link appears next to your ADR in your plans.


FYI this is what mine did on the website: said “you can pre-order in 1 day”. Then, the next day there was no countdown, no link to order, nothing (so as in day 0 i guess) Then, the following day after that the link showed up to pre order. So you might just need to wait until tomorrow!

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I think this happened with me too. The link should appear shortly. Did a BoG breakfast a few days ago and a lunch yesterday, and didn’t preorder until a couple hours before each time. Worked like a charm. Amazes me how many people wasted so much time in the line to order at the kiosks.

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