Online dining reservations for 7

Anyone have experience makning online dining reservations for large family? I hate to take the chance splitting us up. Can i book online for 7 people?

I think it’s up to 12? But if 7 doesn’t work, try 8. At worst, do a split 3 and 4 and keep looking for a big table?

Some restaurants just don’t have that big of a table, though.

I’ve booked for 8 before no problem. Occasionally, I would have to make two ADRs for 4 people but they were often able to put us together at the restaurant once we checked in.

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As was said above - book for 8. Tables being even seats.

If you keep running into no availability, book two reservations for 4 people each. As near the same time as possible. Maybe use two different credit cards.

I once had one table booked for 1:30 and another for 4 something when we really wanted lunch. I kept using the the MDE app and “modify” and got both tables for close to 12:30. We were seated together.

Welcome to TouringPlans and good luck. Stalk and you will succeed. :wink:

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