Online checkin issues - just me?

I’ve been trying to do online checkin for my upcoming trip (5/23) for the past week or so, and I keep getting an error that says “Sorry, there are one or more errors on this page.” I’ve tried across several devices and browsers. I’ve tried different credit cards. Everything is filled out and there are no red asterisks anywhere.

Can I call for “online” checkin??

Had that myself for my last trip. I just gave up.

Which was the wrong thing to do, evidently, because although I thought I updated my card on file (and it showed the right card through my whole trip), the charges went through on another card. Which is fine, but a royal PITA

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Have you assigned each person with a Mr., Mrs. or what ever is appropriate? That kept happening to me.

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I would re-enter my credit card and check that everyone has a pin?

Thank you for saying this… the card I have on file expires 05/2021- which could actually cause problems while I’m on my trip. I need to update it now.


It’s just me, so no issues with other names or profiles. I’ve tried three different cards but the one I want to use is the one I have saved in my profile and that’s not working either.

I have never been able to do online check in. Always get errors, have to visit the desk.

I had this issue for our trip earlier this month. It said the card on file wasn’t valid (it was). I tried to re-enter it - it wouldn’t take. I finally gave up and just checked in at the desk. The CM there said something to make me think it was a bigger problem than just me. I should try checking in online for our next trip.

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I just tried to check in online for my May trip and it won’t even load the page. I remember this happening for my April trip too.

In the app?

No on the website. I just tried the app and was able to check-in. For my April reservation I couldn’t get the app or the website to work.

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I also had this issue and had to use the app to check-in for our upcoming June trip. I don’t know why, but it worked with that method.

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I had trouble checking in online the past 2 trips. Same thing, showing an error message when everything was filled in right. For the first trip I finally got it to go through using a different device. The last one, I was checking in the morning of and was told when I called that you have to check in online 24 hours ahead.

I’ve been trying to do online check in for days and kept getting errors and the page wouldn’t load. Finally got it to work yesterday.