Online Check-In?

Curious about on-line check-in… We’ve always just checked in upon arrival but wondering if you can choose a room during online check-in? Anyone have any experience with a room request - will checking in on-line hurt/help/have no impact? Thanks!

Online check-in has broad option such as: away from the elevators, ground/top floor, quiet room, near amenities, etc. They do their very best to meet your wishes but maybe maybe not. It does not have specific rooms to ask for and no guarantees. If you want a specific room use the TP room request fax. If you ask for a specific number just make sure your online check-in matches (for example if you ask for a top floor number don’t check off a ground floor request on the online check-in!) you’ll save a lot of time with online check-in!

Recently online checkin hasn’t had any options to pick a room at all for most people, though some have found that the options appear a couple of weeks later. I’d still check in online though to save time at the resort.

As @quicha says, the TP room request fax is the best way to do it. They have about a 60-70% hit rate and many people including myself have got the exact room we asked for.

Great thanks all. I did request via room fax - and went ahead and checked in online now!

No. You cannot choose a room at a resort. Room assignments is like Tetris for the assigners - the max number of rooms occupied with the least number vacant, so they don’t like to leave holes.

It’s not like a cruise ship where everyone is embarking and disembarking (even if you do Back to Back you still have to disembark and re-embark) on the same day.