Online check in vs TP request vs calling vs all 3 options?

If I am using TP to request a room 30 days prior to arrival, would it mess things up if I also check in online on the app? Its a conundrum I cant find the answer to on the internets. Also, do I need to make a call myself to request said room in addition to the TP request? Or will that just muck things up? So many question. LOL. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Best thing to do is to use just one method. Using multiple methods will just gunk things up, especially if they contradict. If one request says upper floor, and another one says lower floor, they won’t know what to do.

I put in a TP request and check-in online on the drive down. One time I got a room assignment as we were at the security gate but it was no where near what I requested so I called and they accommodated me.

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Room assignments are usually done days before check in. I don’t call in for anything these days since I don’t trust the call centers and the contracted phone operators.

I always do online check in and the touring plans email. For touring plans, although I pick a room, I add a note thanking the room assigners and highlighting the general area I want to stay. Online check in has had very little/no options for choices (high room, close to elevator). I often leave those blank (mainly because they aren’t really choices).


The only time I do both is when I stay Pop! preferred room and want a ground floor room. Then I do a TP room request saying - any room on the ground floor and ask for the same in the App.

I have never gotten a ground floor room at Pop! :joy:


I do the TP request and will do online check in as soon as I make my hotel reservations (so online check in is done months in advance). I do not make requests when I do online check in. In my TP request I will make a note that I don’t want a specific room but rather would like a room in one of three buildings. I’ve gotten one of the three buildings I’ve requested at Pop every time (10+ visits). I’ve also gotten the buildings I wanted at POFQ both times I’ve stayed there.

Just know when you make a TP request, it is simply a request and may not be honored. When you make your request make a note about why you want that specific area EX: close to the skyliner, ground floor because you have a scooter, etc. Those general requests are easier for the room assigner to meet. If you only request a specific room, there may already be someone in that room, others may have requested the same room. If you state why you want that room, it would be easier for the assigner to meet your needs.